Air Dates: October 8, 1988 - March 12, 1990
Network: Syndicated
Best Episode: "Safe Sex" (May 28, 1989)

Once Wes Craven's A Nightmare On Elm Street crushed the box office in 1984, a new horror icon was officially born. Only, in Freddy Krueger's case, the genre's latest poster-killer had an actual personality to go with his inventive murder tactics. So it didn't take long for crafty executives to recognize the star qualities in actor Robert Englund's portrayal—emphasized by cocksure arrogance and snappy one-liners—of the burned pedophile turned homicidal dream inhabitant.

Thus came Freddy's Nightmares, an anthology series that cast Englund's Krueger in the same way Alfred Hitchcock did himself for Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Krueger hosts, wisecracks the episode's plot before the story begins, and then closes the show in typically snarky fashion. In addition to Krueger himself, the connective tissue between all of the Freddy's Nightmares episodes was the location, that of fictitious Springwood, Ohio (the setting of Craven's Nightmare). Not all of the “nightmares” were all that good, but the cash-in series hits its desired scary marks often enough to warrant a recommendation.

Freddy's Nightmares was at its best whenever Krueger injected himself into the stories, namely “Photo Finish", in which Fred ghoulishly fucks around with fashion models. Clearly, the man of the hour knew when to get proactive.