Air Dates: September 15, 1991 - April 12, 1992
Network: NBC
Best Episode: "Reality Takes A Holiday" (April 12, 1992)

The small-screen comedy sect has rallied behind unjustly canceled shows like Freaks And Geeks, Undeclared, and Arrested Development so effectively that their cries resulted in syndicated reruns, a minor yet still satisfying victory. In that same vein, we're here to ignite a similar campaign for Eerie, Indiana, a sort of weirdo Twin Peaks for teenagers that routinely impressed before getting axed after one measly season.

The familiar set-up of “a kid who moves into a new town” was wildly subverted over 19 episodes, each stranger than the one before it. Cameos from Bigfoot and Elvis Presley brought the tongue-in-cheek funny, and the supernatural subplots never took Eerie out of its young adult comfort zone. One episode featured a kid who goes into the nurse's office for an eye exam and leaves a zombie obsessed with homework; another showed how a young female outcast used her drawing skills to alter reality. Scary in the lightest way possible, Eerie, Indiana handled its genre quirks with uncommon intelligence.