Air Dates: June 27, 1966 - April 2, 1971
Network: ABC

Come May 2012, the Tim Burton-directed Dark Shadows movie, starring Johnny Depp, of course, will put millions of unaware heads onto one of TV's best genre shows of all time. Considering that Burton and Depp have both fallen off something fierce in recent years, however, there's a high probability of suck-age attached to the flick.

Hopefully we're proven wrong, because the original version of Dark Shadows is still a gothic blast. Technically a soap opera (but obviously nothing like those painfully melodramatic ones your mom loves), the series hits its stride once actor Jonathan Frid checked in as vampire Barnabas Collins (the character Depp will play). Along with his family of eccentrics, Barnabas confronted romance, werewolves, alternate dimensions, and witches, a vast array of antagonists that kept Dark Shadows dependably unpredictable.

Talk about potential for a mainstream horror-comedy franchise. Fingers crossed that Burton and Depp bring back their Ed Wood chemistry.