Air Dates: April 15, 1992 - April 20, 1996
Network: Nickelodeon
Best Episode: "The Tale Of Old Man Corcoran" (1992)

Yes, a Nickelodeon show ranks within the top 10 of a “scariest TV shows of all time” list—got a problem with that? If so, take it up with “The Tale Of The Midnight Madness” star Nosferatu, or with Old Man Corcoran, the spooky caretaker who minds the haunted cemetery in “The Tale Of Old Man Corcoran”. We'd love to see you to challenge their scariness in real life.

Props to Nickelodeon for not softening anything when the network backed Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, the anthology, teenage-horror series that buoyed the SNICK block of shows. Despite the target audience being little kids stuck at home on Saturday nights with babysitters, Are You Afraid Of The Dark? played its scares nice and straight, working extra hard to unsettle viewers and embracing downbeat, twisty endings. Because of that, many episodes are still quite effective today. Shall we page Nosferatu to prove our point?