First Appeared: The Simpsons (Episode 1, "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire," December 17, 1989)
Founding Father: Matt Groening
Notable Residents: Homer, Ned Flanders, Apu, Comic Book Guy—too many to list

Is there really any fictional city that has been more developed, more lifelike, funnier, more far reaching and topical? All this and the place is drawn by hand (mostly by Koreans). The joke has traveled through seasons that Springfield, one of the most common city names in the U.S., could be in any state. Though there are many hints that it might be in Illinois, Springfield is a city with no allegiance to any state, and the only rivalry one with their neighboring city of Shelbyville that sets them even further off the map. Springfield has everything from multi-level malls (with left-handed novelty stores) a Nascar track, celebrity homes, a tire fire, a river with three eyed fish, an (almost) jumpable gorge, an endless slew of festivals, and a certain Evergreen Terrace. It's also home to characters we've come to love like our own awful family members.