First Appeared: Futurama (Episode 1, "Space Pilot 3000," March 28, 1999)
Founding Father: Matt Groening
Notable Residents: Fry, Leela, The Professor, Amy, Zoidberg, Bender, Hermes

No one really thought that the the city of New New York would ever live up to Springfield as a conduit to talk about (and therefore make fun of) every topic possible. But in a lot of ways, Futurama has surpassed The Simpsons (it's still funny). Because of their vantage point in the future, the writers of Futurama get the incredible privilege of deciding what will stay and what will go, and in the process get to invent suicide booths, alien races, master globetrotter mathemeticians, a theme park on the Moon, a mutant community in the sewers, bachelor chow, time travel machines, de-aging tar pits, college-attending monkeys, a solution to our trash problems, and all of it with a well-tempered cast of memorable characters at their disposal.