Director: Amanda de Ossorio
Stars: Victor Petit, Maria Kosty, Sandra Mozarowsky

In need of a particularly hardcore foreign horror flick? Seek out Spanish filmmaker Amando de Ossorio’s Blind Dead movies, the exploitation-quality shockers about a pack of undead Templar Knights who ride around on equally deceased horses and slaughter unsuspecting victims. Not the craziest set-up, we realize, but de Ossorio’s penchant for going the extra mile in the gore department is what gives his Blind Dead series all of their off-kilter charm.

In Night Of The Seagulls, the fourth entry, the Knights have a pointed interest in hot, busty women, starting the movie off by kidnapping a hottie, bringing her back to their lair, and ripping off her top before ripping out her heart. That’s merely the appetizer for the film’s major set-piece, in which the living townsfolk bully a pretty young thing into getting chained to rocks as a sacrifice for the Templar crew. Is the film misogynistic? Absolutely, yet it’s also the rare fourth horror sequel that manages to enhance the franchise, not drag it down into shitsville.