Director: Jorg Buttgereit
Stars: Monika M., Mark Reeder

Nekromantik 2 very well could’ve been included in our recent “Movies You Can’t Un-See” countdown, right alongside director Jorg Buttgereit’s 1987 original. In reality, the two films are somewhat interchangeable, both humping morality and good taste with rampant necrophilia—only, in Nekromantik 2, the protagonist is a female, giving it an uncomfortable degree of eroticism for mentally disturbed male viewers.

The sickest of sexually charged guys might get off on watching the “heroine” orgasm after chopping off her lover’s head and replacing it with a corpse’s detached noggin. But then they’d have to explain themselves once Buttgereit rewards her wretchedness by ending the film with a pregnancy announcement, which is slightly less horrendous than the sight of actress Monika M.’s lead slicing off a dude’s genitals and preserving them in her fridge.

Are we recommending Nekromantik 2? Well, yes, but not as a movie you need to watch, but as one that, if you’re twisted enough to peep it, earns nasty goodwill for its mind-boggling audacity.