Director: Steve Miner
Stars: Amy Steel, John Furey, Warrington Gillette, Adrienne King, Kristen Baker, Betsy Palmer

It’s only right that Jason Voorhees’ first appearance on screen come in one of the better Friday The 13th flicks. You figure the majority of the movies are quite terrible artistically, so the deformed serial killer deserves some good reviews. And in Friday the 13th Part 2, Jason picks up right where his mother left off at the end of the first one, before she was decapitated, of course. As evidenced by the later sequels, though, Jason is much more creative with his kills, a character trait that completely benefits Part 2.

With a white sack over his head (the infamous hockey mask didn’t appear until Part 3), Jason, in no particular order, rams a machete into a wheelchair-bound kid’s skull and pushes the chair down a flight of stairs and shish-kabobs a young couple while they’re having sex, amongst other slayings. Unlike the following Friday The 13th movies, Part 2 feels the realest, mainly because Jason’s still a living, breathing man in it, not an unstoppable ghoul with more than nine lives. Furthermore, we never actually see Jason get killed at the film’s end, so the necessity for a third installment is warranted—quite the anomaly for a Friday The 13th sequel.