While it was supposed to be a parody of the random dance numbers that take place in most Bollywood movies, this strange piece of satire from Clerks II didn’t quite land like Kevin Smith envisioned. There's no denying that Rosario Dawson is hot in her role as a jaded fast food manager, but this scene just crash-lands in the middle of the film with no rhyme or reason.

Simply existing to puzzle some audience members, or acting as a signal to take an extended bathroom break for others, Clerks II's moment of choreography is a prime example why dance scenes probably shouldn’t exist in 99.9% of movies ever made. Smith is no stranger to failed jokes; hell, Mallrats was a 90-minute long failed joke. But this might be one of his biggest clunkers in an otherwise decent movie.

This scene is so awkward and ill-conceived that it actually brings down the quality of the movie as a whole. Smith, who has a pretty niche audience, should realize that if you’re going to successfully parody something, pick a subject that more than 5% of your target audience is familiar with.