As far as bad break-ups go, this one may take the cake - a Texas woman relentlessly called and emailed her ex for a three month span after they broke up, and even went so far as to egg his home and smash his window with a five foot sword. She bragged about her progress on Facebook.

The woman, 49-year-old Toni Jo Silvey, was arrested by police for felony stalking. Her ex-boyfriend, 62-year-old leather artist Peter Main, told authorities that he briefly dated Silvey in 2009, but he didn't file charges because he was "afraid of angering her further."

Silvey called Main about 1,001 times total, sent him 712 emails under an internet persona called "woundedpoeticsoul" - which strikes us as the type of username a heartbroken teenager whose problems are like, so deep, would make, but whatever - and even created a blog detailing everything about her relationship with Main.

Can't deny that this chick is mad crazy, but we're wondering - wouldn't you think that after, like, the 500th call, Main might have just changed his number?

[Via New York Daily News]