According to the news and the television listings, the World Series doesn’t kick off for another couple of hours. Sony on the other hand says that it is already over and done with and that the Texas Rangers have taken the series in 6 games.

The Official PlayStation Blog has posted its annual simulation of the Fall Classic using the latest edition of the hit PS3 baseball game MLB 11: The Show. The series ended up being a spectacular one, almost stretching things to a full 7 games. According to the simulation, 6 games that it took to decide this year’s MLB champion shaped up like this:

Game 1: St. Louis 2, Texas 1
Game 2: Texas 5, St. Louis 2
Game 3: St. Louis 7, Texas 5
Game 4: Texas 8, St. Louis 4
Game 5: Texas 4, St. Louis 3
Game 6: Texas 1, St. Louis 0

The real deal kicks off tonight on Fox. Let’s see if Sony’s predictions can be as accurate as they were last year and if Texas puts up more of a fight.