There’s been a recent onslaught of signs appearing near Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s Hasidic neighborhoods. The signs, written in Yiddish, bear the message, “Precious Jewish daughters, please move over to the side when you see a man come across.”

Maintenance workers have already taken 16 of the signs down because they were illegally nailed to trees. The Brooklyn Paper has insiders who allege that the signs are part of a “modesty” campaign organized by a rabbinical group. Last summer, they tried their best to get women to refrain from wearing tank tops. The nerve of them.

A Hasidic local is anonymously quoted in The Brooklyn Paper as saying that the signs are not meant to be sexist. That's cool, man. We glad you didn't mean them to be that way. But it's weird, then, right? That they would turn out in a way you didn't mean?

[via Gawker]