18 years after his fatal drug overdose, River Phoenix, the immensely talented actor and object of teen obsession, may return to the big screen one last time.

Seven years after Stand By Me was released, in the months before his death, Phoenix was filming Dark Blood, a movie about a desert-bound boy who lives on a nuclear testing site and awaiting the apocalypse. Apparently, the director of the film George Sluizer, hid the footage after Phoenix's death, but has recently unearthed it in hopes of re-editing the film, and filling in the gaps in Phoenix's performance with voice-overs from his brother Joaquin Phoenix

Sluizer, who has remained in touch with the Phoenix family, believes “the voices of both brothers are very much alike." If plans to resurrect the film go well, we could be watching River's final film as early as next year, a release that would undoubtedly incite the interest of many old fans, and possibly even create new ones. 

[via THR]