Love Is A Battlefield.

If I were trying to use one word to describe the multiplayer gameplay, it would be “satisfying.” But not “satisfying” like “adequate” or “just enough;” satisfying like your favorite Thanksgiving dinner. It’s deep, it’s good, and it makes you wonder why you would ever consider anything else. Where else can you get a 1,000 yard headshot in a game as a fellow team-member takes out a tank that’s barreling down on your position? Battlefield’s gameplay just fills your gamer-soul up in places you didn’t know were empty, satisfies gaming needs you didn’t know you had. Frankly, it’s a fantastic game, easily the best competitive shooter of 2011 (and yes, I’ve played the “esteemed competition”), and maybe of 2012 and 2013.

Basically, readers? Buy this game. 

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