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Now, I have to reveal a little bit of myself to you, Complex readers. I’m a former US Army infantryman with a firefight-heavy combat tour in Afghanistan under my camouflaged belt. I don’t tell you this to impress you; I tell you this so that when I say that the audio alone in BF3 is good enough to give me flashbacks, you know I mean it. I was playing the game with 5.1 surround sound cranked up, and the crack of a sniper’s bullet literally made me duck and consider running for cover. If you don’t have a surround system or can’t afford one, invest in a pair of headphones. The sound engineering is that good.

Graphically, the game is great, with excellent details and textures, and more lens flares here than a JJ Abrams movie. Many players’ complaints from the beta have been addressed, including the overpoweringly bright flashlights; still effective, just not brighter than the sun itself anymore. The background landscapes are almost photorealistic, and the draw distance is incredible, enabling visuals.

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