If Alan Moore’s Watchmen taught us nothing else, it’s that superheroes are real people with real issues. Remember Seattle’s real-life superhero Phoenix Jones? After his appearance in court this morning, he’s familiar with the struggle as well.

Jones was revealed as 23-year-old MMA fighter Benjamin Fodor when he was seized last weekend by the police for assaulting four people with pepper-spray outside of a nightclub. While Fodor insists that he was trying to break up a fight, the pepper-spray victims say they were simply hanging out when Fodor accosted them. They all wanted Fodor arrested for “attacking them,” and most likely killing the vibe.

After spending seven hours in custody, Fodor posted $3,8000 bail and vanished into the night. Today, Fodor was in court to find out if he would face charges over the incident. Fodor was unmasked in court, but ripped off his collared shirt to reveal his costume following the hearing. As the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement (RCSM), it’s important to be prepared at all times. He’s even married to another crime fighter known as PurpleReign, on some Cyclops and Jean Grey shit.

After the hearing, Fodor told the media he would continue to watch over the streets of Seattle, probably even tonight. Even with his identity revealed and an arrest, the Phoenix will rise again. 

[via The Washington Post]