Holly Van Voast is an advocate of bare breasts. Such a strong advocate, in fact, that she’s known all over New York City for baring her breasts. She’s been naked in Times Square, on the Staten Island Ferry and smack in the middle of Grand Central Terminal. That last act got her arrested.

Yesterday, Van Voast was in court, and did what she does best: pulled her breasts out. Even better, she got away with it. Dumbfounded, Judge Rita Mella put the case on hold until the afternoon, and even made it clear she would consider not filing a complain if Van Voast apologized.

After some urging from her 89-year-old lawyer (who got an unexpected free show that day), Van Voast acknowledged that her actions were probably “out of line.” Judge Mella took that as an apology and granted Van Voast an adjournment in  contemplation of dismissal, which means the case will be thrown out if she behaves for six months.

Van Voast said she had been planning to expose her breasts in court since receiving the summons in August. Best defense ever.

[via The New York Times]