Remember Antennagate? The fallout over a noticeable loss of signal strength whenever the iPhone 4 was held along certain portions of its metal band? In a special press conference after Apple had taken an embarrassing beating in the press, Steve Jobs pointed out that signal attenuation was a problem that affected the entire industry (which is true, btw), and that Apple "hadn't figured out a way around the laws of physics... yet."

Well, it looks like they have now.

In a test, Gizmodo, which was chief among the websites that called attention to Antennagate last year, held the iPhone 4S side by side with the iPhone 4 and found no loss of bars even in the face of the dreaded death grip.

The 4S, as we noted previously, features an all new antenna system, which apparently does the trick. Watch a video of the impervious new iPhone over at Gizmodo.