Modern superheros have it tough. It's not all savior-status and getting-the-girl these days. Just ask  Phoenix Jones, the self-proclaimed crimestopper who recently took the responsibility of defending the innocent people of Seattle upon himself.

In this video, we see Jones fully-masked, dressed in a black and yellow skintight bodysuit, rushing towards the crime-in-progress. He claims he saw "a person on the ground who was getting stomped", and intervened because he, "honestly thought the guy's life was in danger."

Jones rushed onto the scene shouting, "Call 911!", and attempted to break up the brawl himself. But when the mob's innocent victim escaped, Jones claims the group turned on him, forcing him to use his pepper spray to defend himself, a move which landed our real-life superhero in handcuffs.

The supposed-villains told police they were not fighting, just "dancing and having a good time", but Jones' cameraman Ryan McNamee maintains, "There was a guy laying on the ground with people kicking him...this was no dance party."

There is clearly mayhem unfolding in the video, but it's hard to tell if Jones really saved the day a-la-Superman, or just interfered. What is clear is that the Superhero got his ass handed to him by a possibly-inebriated girl in a floral print dress, who wields her shoe like a disgruntled citizen, not a woman whose life was just saved. 

Aspiring crimestoppers, take note: There's no respect for superheros in Seattle. 

[Via Daily News]