Peggy Sue Thomas, former Ms. Washington and hairdresser, was arrested this summer on her New Mexico houseboat and charged with first-degree murder. She’s accused of killing Russ Douglas, who was found dead in a car near Seattle two days after Christmas in 2003. Thomas worked in a beauty salon owned by Douglas’ wife. She’s free on $500,000 bail, and has used her powers of persuasion to convince a Washington judge to allow her to take a two-week road trip to tie up some loose ends.

During this two-week period, Thomas will hit five states to attend her half-sister’s memorial service, go to the dentist, sell one house, pick up some evidence to support her case and winterize her houseboat. It’s named “Off the Hook.”

The judge even pushed her arraignment back a week, just for her trip. Thomas will be monitored by GPS during her trip, but Prosecutor Greg Banks is still baffled at how liberal the judge is being. He’s not alone.

[via ABC News]