Could the federal government’s crackdown on California marijuana dispensaries affect the process in D.C.? Possibly, but not to the same degree.

Last week, D.C. closed the application process for ten medical marijuana cultivation centers, as well as the five dispensaries that will hand out weed to qualifying patients. Applicants had to sign legal waivers that pretty much wash D.C.’s hands of any losses, and force applicants to acknowledge that they’re breaking federal law by growing and selling marijuana.

On top of the regulation going on in California, this could scare people away from putting their money into dispensaries. In addition, landlords will probably be more hesitant to lease to medical marijuana sellers, as it could be an easy target for the feds.

However, California’s medicinal marijuana program is exponentially larger than what D.C. plans to implement, and because District of Columbia U.S. Attorney Ron Machen hasn’t voiced any disapproval for the program, it might not face further regulation.

Again, blunts will be lit and brownies will be baked regardless, but the District can let out a collective sigh of relief. For the moment.

[via DCist]