While young Victoria Enmon may have been the inspiration that sparked Sarcastic Gamer's creation of the Extra-Life charity in 2008, the effort continues on today with continued success each year. Let's make 2011 the biggest year yet.

Our friends at Sarcastic Gamer will be hosting their 24-hour gaming marathon this Saturday, on October 15. 

Sarcastic Gamer was the launching pad for what has turned into an enormous event and has the support of some of the biggest industry leaders like Microsoft, Sony, Activision and its entire family of independent studios, Trion Worlds, ThinkGeek.com, the ECA, Wizards of the Coast, G4TV and G4TV.com, and many more.

This year, Team Sarcastic Gamer will be playing a slew of games including Call of Duty, Starcraft, Rift, Uncharted 3 beta.  The great part about Extra Life is that it is an INTERNATIONAL effort with LOCAL impact for each gamer that participates.

100% of the funds raised stay in the community where the participant raises them to help local kids.

If that's not enough of an incentive, we've even organized a few giveaways to go alongside your donations. Keep an eye out for 2K, EA, Activision and more titles that we've lined up for you. Be sure to follow ComplexVG and SarcasticGamer on Twitter to keep up to date.