Don't get us wrong, Rooney Mara is a good-looking girl, but she's got nothing on Scarlett Johansson's sex appeal. 

And apparently, director David Fincher (Se7enZodiac, The Social Network) feels the same way, which is exactly why the director didn't give her the role of ruthless rebel Lisbeth Salander in his upcoming movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. 

Although he swears Johansson gave a "great audition" and was like "Marilyn on a bike", he still chose Mara for the coveted role. Fincher's reasoning? "The thing with Scarlett is, you can't wait for her to take her clothes off." 

Well, obviously. And yeah, we understand how Mara might be more well-suited in terms of us actually focusing on the filmmaking, but we're still dissapointed we got denied the oppportunity to at least attempt to pay attention to the plot.

Scarlett probably would have got the FBI on him if he released outakes that were too racy for her liking anyway. Or at least, that's what we keep telling ourselves.

[Via Vulture]