It isn’t unusual for a company to release a new trailer to promote one of their upcoming games. In the case of 2K Games the Darkness 2, the developers have just released 6 new videos, at once. You read that right, 6 new trailers for the Darkness 2, each aiming to educate gamers on a different aspect of the game. The first trailer, which you can find above, is entitled the Brotherhood. This mysterious organization will be one of your main antagonists in the new game as they are hell-bent on poaching the Darkness from inside of Jackie Estacado. The Brotherhood is the “great grandaddy of all secret societies” and has been around for ages in pursuit of the Darkness. They will stop at nothing to to purge the Darkness from the world.

The other videos that were released all focus on the different powers that will be accessible to players when they step into Jackie’s shoes. Thanks to the strength of the Darkness inside of you / Jackie, gamers have a variety of new powers at their disposal including the Swarm, Black Hole, and the Darkling(s). You can check out each of those videos directly on 2K Games’ official Youtube page.