We were shocked when Joseph Son, the actor turned MMA fighter, best known for his role as shoe-tossing assassin Random Task from 1997's Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, was recently found guilty of a brutal gang rape and sentenced to life in prison.

But now, if any tiny bit of doubt remained that Son was not merely acting as an assassin, and actually is one, there's this new piece of evidence: Son has now allegedly murdered his cellmate at Wasco State Prison.

This past Monday, Son's cellmate was pronounced dead after a guard found him lifeless during a routine count of prisoners. Although Son has not yet been convicted, the cellmate had chest trauma and Son was the only other person in the cell. Also not working in Son's favor is the fact that he apparently had a motive, having been attacked several prisoners as a warning of their zero-tolerance policy towards rapist inmates.

Son's cellmate remains nameless, but we do know he was a 50-year-old sex offender who was sentenced to two years in prison for not registering as such. What we don't know is why a man serving a mere 24 months was subject to rooming with Son, who was serving a lifetime sentence.

Talk about an ill-fated roommate-pairing. 

[Via Film Drunk]