We expect this type of behavior from RIM, who drastically fell behind on delivering their mobile Blackberry email yesterday. But not from you, Apple.

Users trying to upgrade to iOS 5 were faced with a handful of delays and error messages yesterday, an issue that Apple claims has since subsided. The problem, called "error 3200," stemmed from overwhelming overcrowding of the servers from folks looking to download the upgrade—in other words, a good problem for the company. Users reportedly had a 50% success rate in accessing Apple’s servers for download, so repeated attempts are more or less the only solution.  

Focusing on software instead of hardware this time around, Apple has made iOS 5 one of their most significant updates. New features such as the all-communications-in-one Notification Center, free Apple-to-Apple messaging service iMessage, and the virtual magazine Newsstand helped to trigger the mad dash for downloads.

[via Mashable]