If your mother was anything like ours growing up, then allowing someone to "go downtown" with your bike wasn't allowed... unless you're Will Ferrell. In this exclusive clip from Everything Must Go, entitled "Kenny Makes His Tough Face," Ferrell's down-and-out character Nick Halsey haggles a Huffy from a neighborhood kid named Kenny. If he looks somewhat familiar to you, that's because that the son of Brooklyn's finest, Christopher Jordan Wallace.

Biggie Smalls' son may have to wait a few years before having a tough face like this, but until then we'll just settle for his attempt at badassery. In Everything Must Go, Ferrell plays a mid-level Arizona sales executive who hits rock bottom for reasons that are as obvious as the empty beer cans that pile up around him. You can now add the former Saturday Night Live standout to the small list of comedians who do serious well, as the moving Everything Must Go comes out on DVD/Blu-ray on September 6.