Austin, Texas was treated to a fight worthy of commenting on. At this year's annual Fantastic Fest, described as the largest genre film festival in the U.S., it was also where Lord of the Rings BFFs got together to box each other's faces in. We're not even fooling with you (watch the video for proof), check out Hobbits Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan as they laced up pink gloves and duked it out.

The reason behind the brouhaha wasn't over Frodo getting all the glory—and the ring—in LOTR, it was a part of the Fantastic Debates—a Fantastic Fest tradition. Legitimate Hobbit haymakers were being thrown in the square circle, as verbal and physical jabs were exchanged. Deliriously geeked-out fans turned bloodthirsty as Wood and Monaghan argued about any and everything pop culture.

Sponsored by the bare-fisted documentary Knuckle, which hits theaters in December, it's fortunate the two actors didn't pull off a double KO or something. Rule to Elijah: Mock World of Warcraft at your own peril if you must.

[via Entertainment Weekly]