Director: Edgar Wright

Eli Craig says: Shaun Of The Dead has got to be number one. It was groundbreaking at the time, and it was something I looked at as far as a buddy comedy and a romantic comedy taking place within the concept of a horror film.

I also think that there's a real drive to the storyline and the plot devices. A lot of times, horror-comedies lose their footing a little bit and get lost, [but in Shaun of the Dead] you move in a way that keeps people entertained and develops that plot. And it wasn't just campy gore. When there was gory stuff, it was kind of real gore… and there was a hero! I love movies that are loser-to-hero movies! It came down to the tag line, "A hero will rise from the sofa"…to beat back zombies [Laughs.]

I personally follow characters, and Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have a comedic timing together that just works—really two great, likable leads. I don't want to say Tucker & Dale is a tribute to Shaun of the Dead, at all; I really want it to be its own zone. But I respect and admire what Edgar Wright did with Shaun of the Dead. I used it as a bit of a template for Tucker & Dale.