Question: Who was the original dirty-raunchy rapper in game? No, it wasn't Ol' Dirty Bastard or even Too Short or Uncle Luke—it was Clarence Reid. Better known the world over as Blowfly, Reid's story was XXX-rated enough to be turned into a documentary. Directed by Jonathan Furmanski, The Weird World of Blowfly is a deep look at G-stringed highs and sobering lows of one the music industry's most overlooked songwriters-slash-performers.

The above clip finds our elderly sexual superhero being lauded by some of the biggest names in hip-hop, while performing in the most seediest places in America. The documentary, which was shot over two years, follows Reid/Blowfly today and examines his life, career, and philosophy which showcases an incredible contradiction.

At 66-years-old, it looks like the old timer still has a pep in his step, don't it? The Weird World of Blowfly has been touring the film festival circuit since last year, and continues to do so, and will be featured in select theaters starting on September 16th.

[via Blowfly Film]