Rex Ryan’s alleged foot fetish is nothing compared to this shit.

Police in Conway, Arkansas, are on the hunt for a toe-sucker who’s finally stepped over the line. Over the past week, police received two complaints about some creepy dude who was helping himself to women’s toes.

The last straw came when the man ran up on 83 year-old Ruth Harris this past Saturday while she was sitting in front of her apartment. He then proceeded to remove one of her shoes and start sucking on one of her toes before running off when people walked into the courtyard of the apartment complex. Yesterday, police were informed that the man struck again last Saturday; he informed a woman that he had a foot fetish and wanted to suck on her “long” and “succulent" toes. The woman also told police that, ironically, the man had “messed up toes.”

The most alarming fact about this whole story is that it isn’t the first time it’s happened in Conway. During the ‘90s, Arkansas was terrorized by the “Toe Suck Fairy” who slithered from Conway to Little Rock, groping feet along the way. After posing as a podiatrist, the Toe Suck Fairy aka Michael Robert Wyatt was convicted of making threats after telling a convenience store clerk he wanted to cut off her feet and suck her toes as she bled to death in 1991. Wyatt was sentenced to four years in state prison, but only served about a year.

This means that the latest string of strange incidents be the work of a copycat toe sucker, or it's the same dude.

[via Reuters]