Perhaps you're a rugged mountain man who is finally succumbing to the ease of technology, but don't want to sacrifice your woodsy aesthetic. What do you do? 

Fear not: every piece of new tech equipment doesn't always come in silver or black. The new Austrian-made iTree iPod/iPhone dock is as rustic and outdoorsy as the great Paul Bunyan, and can even be integrated with a turntable.

The vaguely canoe-shaped speakers are actually a piece of hollowed-out wood, custom-made from trees in the forests of Austria for premium sound quality.

Though if you're actually working on a lumberjack's budget, you may want to reconsider. The iTree retails for about $15,000, which may be better served going toward flapjack stacks the size of oil drums and racks of flannels.

[via Gizmodo]