When Music Row attorney Bill Grothe decided that it would be a swell idea to fake his own death, he figured that the best way to do it would be to pretend he was murdered, and pose as his own murderer so there was someone to scapegoat and blame. We suppose he didn't realize that this would also mean that the cops would be totally looking for him so they could, you know, arrest him. 

Anyway, after planting his car in a Nashville park and leaving specifically placed items that could be used to ID him near the Cumberland river, Bill here called the police station claiming to be his own murderer while authorities were combing the river looking for him. They began growing suspicious when all the items they kept finding seemed like they were purposely placed so there'd be no doubt as to who'd disappeared, and were able to match the recording of the man who called posing as Bill's murderer to the voice on Bill's cell phone voicemail message.