Normally these stories of people faking their death to commit insurance fraud aren't terribly interesting, so we'd totally have to hand it to Ari Squire here if his plot hadn't involved the death of an innocent man. So close to gaining our praise, Squire!

Anyway, the story goes that Ari and his wife were in a bit of a financial pinch when they decided that the only way to get out of it would be for Ari to die and for them to collect the insurance money. Since Ari still wanted to be around to see that hefty check in the mail, he and his wife concocted an elaborate plan that involved finding a man who looked just like Ari and killing him in Ari's place (The Whole 9 Yards did something very similar to this).

Conveniently, Ari met a man who looked like him working at a Home Depot store. He offered to pay him double his wages if he'd come to his house to do construction work, and obviously he accepted because, working at Home Depot, we can't imagine his salary was something to Watch The Throne brag about. When the man arrived, Ari proceeded to murder him, crush his body under a truck and then set the whole thing on fire. He then fled the state while his wife played the part of grieving widow for the cops.

This all would have worked if the mother of the man who actually died hadn't reported him missing a few days later. Cops, growing suspicious of the clear connection, began investigating the case further while Squire and his wife exchanged emails to talk about how their plan was going. The Mrs. tipped her husband off that the cops were closing in on them, and when Ari found out that they knew, he killed himself in a motel room days later.