The thought of seeing Steven Seagal dressed up as a lawman, driving up in a tank, accompanying the police in a raid on a man suspected of animal cruelty seems almost humorous. Almost, that is, until you watch the video above and learn that the former action star not only did that exact thing, but also killed an Arizona man's dog and hundreds of roosters in the process. 

Jesus Sanchez Llovera's home had several armored cars and dozens of sheriff's deputies in full riot gear descend on his property on Monday. Suspected of staging cockfights, Maricopa County's finest, along with Steven Seagal, hoped to crack down on crime and... illegal immigrants. Taxpayers would be shocked to know that the excessive show of force was explicitly made for the benefit of the A&E joke reality show Steven Seagal Lawman.

While watching Seagal pull up in a tank and deliver a few cheesy tough guy lines with an angry scowl, would make anyone laugh — Llovera isn't amused. The man has went on to sue the actor for his participation in the raid and claims that Segal killed his 11-month-old puppy and 100 roosters. Insisting that he raised the clucks for show and not for sport, Llovera is seeking $100,000 in damages and a formal written apology from Seagal.

Wait?! Steven Seagal knows how to actually write his name?

[via TMZ/ABC15]