As we've noted before, the story of Steve Jobs' life and career is remarkable in a way that transcends the usual tech geekery and fanboyism. We're already awaiting Simon and Schuster's pending official biography of Jobs due this November, and now there's a new spin on the revolutionary entrepreneur's fable coming in graphic novel form.

The Zen of Steve Jobs, a collaboration between Forbes magazine and JESS3, is an illustrated telling of the Apple founder's adventures in the mid 1980s, when he was ousted from Apple. It centers on his relationship with his buddhist mentor Kobun Chino Otogawa and the founding of NeXT computers, all while flashing back and forth in time to tie together pivotal moments that have since become the stuff of technology legend.

Read five pages from the graphic novel above. A full, 60-page book will be released digitally this fall.