Today Samsung made public plans to roll out the Galaxy Tab 7.7, which derives its name from its gorgeous 7.7-inch display (1280 x 800). The announcement is in coordination with Samsung’s new smartphone: the Galaxy Note, which features a 5.3-inch handset display.

The Note is particularly intriguing because it functions in many ways as both a smartphone and a tablet. The display is large, but the phone is only 9.65 mm thick and weighs only 6.3 ounces. Furthermore, it includes a built-in stylus and several customized “S Pen” apps designed to work with it. For instance, one app called “S Memo” lets you scribble notes to yourself for later review.

Samsung is still discussing contracts with carriers, so its availability is pending, whereas the Tab 7.7 is set to hit stores sooner. So, if you’re a Samsung fan, it sounds like an electronics store that carries everything is the place to go (I would mention Best Buy by name, but that would make this read even more like a press release).

[via Engadget]