Arch West, the inventor of the Dorito, died last Tuesday morning at the age of 97, according to Yahoo! News. West was the Vice President of marketing for the Dallas-based Frito-Lay company when, in 1961, he found a shack selling fried tortillas while on vacation near San Diego.

The lightbulb instantly went off in his head, and before you could say "angioplasty," West was pitching his fried tortilla chip idea to the suits at Frito-Lay. The corporate response wasn't great at first, but the public almost instantly latched on to the heavily fried snack food. The expansion of the Doritos brand clearly coincided with the expansion of the American waistline, and soon enough, West's chips were on countless dinner tables across the country (most likely in the same vicinity as a bottle of Lipitor and the family insulin pump).

West's family has scheduled a graveside service for October 1, where relatives plan to toss Doritos into the grave before the dirt is put over the urn. And the whole world will wait to see if a magnificent Doritos tree will sprout at the gravesite.

[via Yahoo! News]