Just when we thought Capcom was starting the work on getting back in the good graces of gaming fans everywhere, some bad news slips out that could put them back on the naughty list. Everyone was expecting them to get Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City out before the end of the year, which they have been promising for a long time. That might not be happening...

Capcom is now referring to the game’s release date as being “locked for Winter”. This is a bit different than the previous “late 2011“ release window given by the developer. Although they could technically still release it before the end of the calendar year, the new time frame gives them until March 31, 2012 to get it out the doors.

The PR reps at Capcom are doing a little “damage control” currently by officially stating that Winter was always intended to be the release date, but everyone that we talk to has been led to believe that the window was by the end of 2011. They still firmly assure gamers that it will be in stores before April 2012.

[via Kotaku]