Mark your calendars: Star Wars- The Old Republic has been given an official launch date of December 20, 2011.

It may have taken them a while, but BioWare is now ready to take us all back to a galaxy far, far away. The highly anticipated MMORPG is finally slated for a firm release after stringing gamers along anxiously for years. BioWare has also announced the details for the game’s subscription fees, which pretty much fall in line with what you would expect for a modern day MMO.

There will be 3 different pricing options available:

  • Monthly - $14.99
  • Quarterly (3 months) - $41.97
  • Semi-annually 96 months) - $77.94

Each of these options is available on top of an initial 30 days of free play available with each purchase.  Now, if you can just manage to secure yourself a copy since the digital versions are being released in limited quantities… whatever that means.

[via VG247]