With the European leagues in full throttle (who cares about the MLS?) and FIFA ’12 currently killing productivity, soccer season is in full swing. Looking to capitalize on the timing and untether folks from their television sets, Adidas has announced a new “smart” boot, the adizero f50 miCoach.

The lightweight, speed option amongst Adidas’ arsenal—forwards are the intended customers—the f50 has to measure up against Nike’s sleek Mercurial line. To get an edge, Adidas has looked to the Nike+iPod collabo for inspiration, outfitting the f50s with the “miCoach Speed Cell,” a chip that records speed, distance, stride rates, and other stats for up to seven hours (so you can make it through two-a-days). You can then upload the numbers to any device via WiFi or USB so you can compare them to your friends via Facebook or even those of Adidas pitchmen such as Messi and the wretched Samir Nasri.

The boots drop in November and will retail for about $330.

[via Engadget]

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