When she's not reprimanding Red Lobster for serving up fattening foods or nursing President Obama's ego in light of rapidly decling poll numbers, Michelle Obama is unwinding by way of America's (second) favorite pastime: bargain-hunting at Target.

The first lady was photographed yesterday cruising the aisles of Target for some first-rate deals in Alexandria, Virginia. Mrs. Obama was shopping in a low-key ensemble, donning a worn Nike hat, red patent ballet flats (to match the red bullseyes on her Target bag, perhaps?) and a festive floral print shirt, looking less like the first lady and more like an average American soccer mom.

Whether she went to Target as a well-executed ploy at winning our approval or just genuinely loves the discount chain is unknown, but either way our respect for the First Lady has just reached new highs. You get your bargain on, Michelle! 

[via Daily Mail]