Ok, so how’s this for strange.

After winning a jar of sour cream for his victory in a dumpling eating contest, a 77 year-old Ukrainian man died. After crushing 10 dumplings in 30 seconds, Ivan Mendel was awarded bragging rights and a one-liter jar of sour cream. Shortly after the win, Mendel got sick and died.

According to investigators, it was asphyxia that killed Mendel. After consuming too many dumplings in such a short amount of time, Mendel did the natural thing and threw up. However, some of the dumpling got caught in his throat and he choked to death. Dumplings, known as “vareniki,” are a common Ukrainian dish. Ivan Mendel loved them to death, and all for a jar of sour cream he most likely never got to open.

What did the runners up win? Oh yeah, their lives..

 [via The Guardian]