Have you gotten any strange declarations of love from any of your fans?
There's been a couple. [Laughs.] There's been some poetry. There's been little gifts here and there, Teddy Bears and stuff.

What do you do with all of them?
Some of them I like to box. [Laughs.]

You've also voiced and added your likeness to a lot of characters in video games, such as Mass Effect. Do you ever play any of the games you star in?
No, I've not played Mass Effect. I don't have an Xbox or anything like that. The main thing that I'm addicted to is Angry Birds. It's an obsession. [Laughs.]

I think they're making an Angry Birds movie, so if you want to put your voice to that. . .
That would be amazing if I got to do that. [Laughs.]

Since you've had so many action scenes on Chuck, have you ever done one that made you fear for your life?
It's a pretty safe environment because everything's set up for us on wires and things like that. I mean, we did jump from a church tower once. I think it was season three, and we climbed down to the ground. It's always scary taking that leap. You get a bit of a jump when you leap off the edge of a building. [Laughs.] So, those ones get the adrenaline going.

Do you ever keep any of the costumes you use as a secret agent?
I haven't kept any of those outfits, though they are still there at Warner Bros. in the wardrobe department. If I ever needed one for Halloween, I'm sure they'd let me borrow it.

Which one would you say is your favorite thus far?
I did love the belly dancing outfit, I have to say. I was excited to do that one.

Since this is Chuck's last season, ideally how would you want it to end?
I think it has to be some sort of a happy ending where Chuck and Sarah find the peace in their life. Right now, they're trying to marry the two lives together: married life and spy life. I wouldn't mind if Sarah gets pregnant, or who knows. I would definitely like to meet Sarah's mother in this season. I think that's going to tie it up for me and for my character.

Do you see yourself staying in television or moving toward features?
I want to explore features a little bit since I haven't been doing it full-time since I've been with Chuck for the past four and a half years. But it all depends on the character. There could very well be a television series that comes my way with a really great character that I would love to play.

You wrapped another film coming out next year with Barbara Streisand and Seth Rogen, My Mother's Curse.
I did that right before I started season five of Chuck a little over two months ago now. I fell in love with the script. They play a mother-son combination, which I think is really hysterical. They have great energy together. Again, It was really nice to change the pace up a little and a be part of a straight comedy, working with people who were awesome.

What do you anticipate from Killer Elite's worldwide debut?
I'm just excited. I'm excited to have my family and friends see it. I have family in Poland, so it's nice that it's going to be released there and my grandma's going to get to watch something I did.  [Laughs.]

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