Just as webOS devices were discontinued, many of their developers will soon be shown the door. AllThingsD is reporting that HP plans to layoff up to 525 employees in the wake of terminating its webOS division, which was created after the acquisition of Palm last year.

“As communicated on August 18, HP will discontinue the development of webOS devices within the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2011, which ends Oct. 31, 2011,” an HP spokesperson said. “As part of this decision, the webOS GBU is undergoing a reduction in workforce. Today’s actions are part of this initiative. During this time, we stand by our commitment to our webOS customers and will work to ensure that support and service for customers are not adversely affected. HP is exploring ways to leverage webOS software.”

There has been speculation that some companies, such as HTC and Facebook, may have an interest in buying webOS. Maybe these employees can find work there?