Those of us who spend our lives on tour know how you can feel isolated even when surrounded by people. Understand the the scrutiny of both favorable and unfavorable opinion at every selection, and the ache of missing loved ones all too well. Those truths aside, I personally believe I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing in life, and I thank God daily for the opportunity to make a living with my writing, production, and DJing passions…as much of a pain in the ass as moving around so much can be at times.

And after three days of television tapings, three gigs, two coasts, and one sick 3-1/2-year-old over the last five days, we meet once again to look back over a few moments in my ridiculously mobile lifestyle.

Thank you for the opportunity to spew my thoughts here, Complex, and thanks to all of you here reading this. I can only hope that my ruminations can teach and interest the uninformed a bit about the lifestyle, give my current fans a piece of my personality to balance out their perspective on me, and leave a paper trail of honest aerial views of my crazy-ass world. One love to everyone who has rocked with me up until now, week 13 of this column. Here's to celebrating week 52 together. Bless up.