Remember when Sony’s PlayStation Network was hacked, followed by another hack of Sony Online Entertainment, and then Sony Pictures Entertainment? Well, yeah, that breach of security cost the company roughly $170 Million, so you knew there were bound to be some arrests, if for nothing but the headlines.

Yesterday, the FBI cuffed 23-year-old Andrew Kretsinger in Arizona, who’s been tied to the hack of SPE. Another related arrest was also made Thursday in San Francisco, though the identity of that suspect remains unknown. The arrests are the latest in a string of FBI counter-actvity against the LulzSec and Anonymous. July saw the arrests of 14 suspected Anonymous members for their participation in the hack of PayPal.

Kretsinger is facing one count of conspiracy and one count of computer fraud. The sentencing that comes when these arrests finally go to trial will be highly influential in establishing how law enforcement responds to major Internet hacks.

[via Wired]