A day after announcing a change to its Friends List feature, Facebook has introduced another new feature: the Subscribe Button

Essentially, the Subscribe Button will allow Facebook users to receive "all", "most", or "only important" updates from other users. What's interesting is the fact that users will be able to subscribe to users who they aren't friends with; sort of negating the need to be friends with anyone in the first place. Of course, users will have the option to not allow people to subscribe to their updates. 

Yesterday, Facebook's new Smart List function was seen as a direct bite of Google+'s circle feature. Following that line of thinking, it's easy to see how the Subscribe Button can be seen as an attempt to make Facebook more like Twitter, with subcribing to a user's updates being the direct equivalent to following someone's tweets. 

The Subscribe Button will become available to Facebook users within the next "few days", according to Facebook.

[via CNET]