You heard us right, Dane Cook will have his own sitcom on NBC, which is slated to premiere next fall. Cook will not only be the star of the half-hour-long show, but will also be producing through his company SUperFInger Entertainment.

It seems NBC had been on a comedian kick as of late, first with their new show Whitney, which stars comedian Whitney Cummings, and then with a recently inked sitcom starring Sarah Silverman. Regardless, we can't help but be puzzled by their plans to have a show devoted to Dane Cook. While the comedian has had undebatable success, selling out stadiums like few other jokesters can, he has also unarguably fallen out of favor with the masses over the past 5 years. Not to mention the trail of cinematic flops he has left behind him (My Best Friend’s Girl, Good Luck Chuck and Employee of the Month). 

Our only guess is that Dane's surprisingly realistic conversation with Louis C.K. on Louie, where he finally addresses the joke-stealing controversy between the two, had something to do with it. Or maybe we still have a soft spot for the comedian whose Harmful if Swallowed CD had permanent residence in our disc-mans? Wait, that was 1993? ...yep, still confused on this one NBC.

[via Deadline]